Goods Hoists

Our focus is on giving a well manufactured goods hoist that ensures maximum safety and functional efficiency.

They can be used in retail outlets, mining, warehousing, manufacturers, vehicle showrooms and all other fields of industry. Our hoists are manufactured from stainless and galvanized steel.

Standard load ranges is from 500 to 5000 kg’s. All our hoists are custom made to suit your requirements.

Goods Hoists
dumbwaiter elevator lifts


Our Dumbwaiters are aesthetically pleasing and ensure maximum functional efficiency and safety.

Our Dumbwaiters can be used wherever there is a need to move a small quantity of goods from one level to another. They are ideal in restaurants, libraries, mines, hotels and many other industries.

Our Dumbwaiters are made from stainless or galvanized steel and they’re fitted with safeties. Load capacity ranges from 100 to 500 kg’s.